Zoya Ivnitskaya is a well-known Russian artist and Theatrical Costume Designer. After graduating from Odessa Art College (Ukraine), she began to work as an Artist and an Art Teacher at the Odessa Art College. Her works were displayed in collections at State Museum of Fine Art (Odessa), Theatrical State Museum (Kiev), and State Theatrical Museum named by Bachrushin (Moscow). 

Later on, Zoya started her career as a Chief Costume Designer at the Theater of Musical Comedy in Odessa and held this position for twenty five years. During this time Zoya was invited as a Costume Designer to many theaters in Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary. She made more than 70 productions. After the first production of "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy in 1987 (which was performed later in Germany) Zoya turned to Jewish themes. She painted 30 canvases about Jewish life in Russia at the beginning of the XX century and during World War II. These paintings were shown in West Berlin, Yokohama and at the Worldwide Rabbinical Conference in 1992 in Odessa.

Many of Zoya's paintings are in private collections in USA, Israel, France, Germany, and Belgium. Zoya's name is in the Theatrical Encyclopedia, Moscow 1986 and the Bibliographical Dictionary of Russian Art, Moscow 1983. Since 1992, Zoya Ivnitskaya has lived in Los Angeles and continues her work. For several years, she worked as a volunteering Docent at the LA County Museum of Art. Today Zoya wishes to share her art knowledge and experience with the American public.